NAP Razorbak Broadheads

The NAP Razorbak broadhead features unique technology that allows the arrow head to keep turning after it has made impact with the target. Not only does the head spin the blades are made of surgical sharp stainless steel and are thicker than the other blades in the range at .039”. The end result is a fixed blade broadhead that has greater penetrative qualities thanks to its ability to shift its path if it meets the resistance of bone.

The idea behind the rotating abilities of the Razorbak is that it will find the path of least resistance as it moves through the animal. As the head meets a solid object such as bone the rotating cartridge will allow it to turn and continue its path so that it is minimally affected.

The cutting ability of the Razorbak is maximized by blades of two different sizes and thicknesses. The main blade is thick to help with the head’s cut on contact capabilities. These main blades are .039” thick while bleeder blades to either side of the main blade are .020” thick.

Take a look at the selection of NAP Razorbak Broadheads listed for sale below. These broadheads are available at 100 grain or 125 grain and they are available in packs of three.

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New Archery Products NAP RazorBak 3 Broadhead Cartridge 4Pk
New Archery Products NAP RazorBak 3 Broadhead Cartridge 4Pk
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NAP Razorbak Broadhead Features

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