NAP Thunderhead Edge Broadheads

The NAP Thunderhead Edge broadheads are fixed blade broadheads that provide field point accuracy as well as considerable cutting qualities. The combination of straight and serrated edges means that the 3 blades will be capable of sawing through flesh and hide with ease. The blades are offset to cause gaping holes and large blood trails. The cutting diameter of these broadheads is 1-1/8”

The features of the Thunderhead Edge broadheads include the Trophy Tip at the front for bone splitting capabilities. The ferrules are Micro-grooved to help channel the air and create better flight for greater accuracy. The blades are particular because of the combination of straight and serrated edges for superior cutting.

Take a look at the selection of NAP Thunderhead Edge Broadheads listed for sale below. These broadheads are available at 100 grains and come in packs of three or packs of four.

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NAP Thunderhead Edge Broadhead Features

The significance of the blade design of the Thunderhead Edge is to get an initial clean cut from the straight edge part of the blade. Once the blade has penetrated the flesh the serrated blades will provide a sawing action that will help pass through any bone it may encounter. This concept combines the standard Thunderhead with the offset blade qualities of the discontinued Nightmare head.

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