New Breed Archery

New Breed Archery is one of the newer, smaller archery companies that has devoted itself to producing the best quality products for the most reasonable price. The motto of the company is there for all to see “No Hype – Just Hunt” and the compound bows that are being produced by the company live up to it.

New Breed is a company that is still establishing itself but the growth in hunters who are taking up the New Breed bow has been steady and the range of bows available is also growing. Not only is the company producing the finest quality compound bows possible but it also prides itself on the customer service that backs it up. It is on the back of the creation of quality compound bows and great service to back it up that the growth is being achieved.

The 2016 range of New Breed new releases has been announced and the complete selection has been provided on our New Breed New Releases page. Take a look at the 2016 New Breed compound bows.

When you take a stroll through the many archery and bow hunting forums around the net it becomes quickly obvious that the word is strong and positive about the New Breed compound bows. Smooth and fast are repeated with regularity and those who have bought and used the bows are consistently positive.

Anyone who is considering making a move away from the larger archery companies and trying out a smaller producer, the New Breed Archery compound bows are more than alluring. They are still hard to find if you are looking to buy one, however they are starting to get put up for sale in increasing numbers.

The range of New Breed Archery compound bows has been revealed and the enthusiastic noises from hunters can be heard all over. Listed below are the bows that are currently available for sale.

New Breed Archery Compound Bows For Sale

New Breed Archey Elevation
New Breed Archey Elevation
Time Remaining: 22h 45m
Buy It Now for only: $449.99
New Breed archery cam mbx 2
New Breed archery cam mbx 2
Time Remaining: 5d 18h 17m
Buy It Now for only: $60.00
New Breed archery Limb set for a genetix or cyborg
New Breed archery Limb set for a genetix or cyborg
Time Remaining: 5d 19h 7m
Buy It Now for only: $80.00
New Breed archery Limb set for a genetix
New Breed archery Limb set for a genetix
Time Remaining: 5d 19h 21m
Buy It Now for only: $70.00
New Breed Cyborg Bow
New Breed Cyborg Bow
Time Remaining: 17d 46m
Buy It Now for only: $499.00
New Breed Blade Mossy Oak
New Breed Blade Mossy Oak
Time Remaining: 26d 23h 53m
Buy It Now for only: $500.00

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New Breed Archery Compound Bow Models – Information and Sales

  New Breed Genetix
The New Breed Genetix compound bow is the company flagship bow and has been redesigned for the 2012 season. A smooth draw cycle and zero torque grip design are just a couple of the features that keep people returning to the bow.
  New Breed Cyborg
The New Breed Cyborg compound bow is the target bow in the company range and it features an aircraft grade aluminum riser and a cam system that ensures it is competitive in both speed and reliability.
  New Breed Eclipse
The New Breed Eclipse compound bow has been designed to provide the hunter with a bow that can do just about anything. This is a bow that should please the hunter as well as the target shooter in equal measure.
  New Breed Lycan
The New Breed Lycan compound bow is a smooth drawing bow that is packaged into a compact frame to provide an easy to handle bow that is ideal for using from tight positions.
  New Breed Horizon
The New Breed Horizon compound bow is a target bow that has been given a longer axle to axle frame and has been designed for indoor target shooting while still maintaining the speed required for outdoor competition.
  New Breed Double Helix
The New Breed Double Helix compound bow features a shoot through riser and can be adapted to shoot either right or left handed. It is a target bow that has been designed to provide the shooter with the most rock solid bow possible that is incredibly well balanced.

The compound bows featured above represent some of the great value compound bows available from this quality archery company. Take a look around to find many other compound bows from some of the premier archery companies in the world.

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