2010 New Release Hoyt Compound Bows For Sale

Each new season we find a whole slew of new compound bows released by the major bow manufacturers and each of them are fitted with all kinds of amazing new features to help us with our shooting. It may be greater accuracy, it may be reduced vibration or it may simply be the generation of greater speed. Whatever it is, the new release bows are sitting there tempting us all to hustle out to give them a test run.

And why not? When you look at the new range of Hoyt compound bows – the emphasis is on speed and power and plenty of it. We see an update on some of the older models and we find power to burn. So this summary will take a look at the power line-up for 2010 that has been released by Hoyt Archery with 6 bows that will help you take the step up to the new era of bowhunting.

Here is a rundown of the latest compound bows in the Hoyt range. It is possible to buy these bows online or you can look for them at your local archery store.

Hoyt Carbon MatrixCarbon Matrix

This is a new and advanced design that features a carbon riser. It looks different and that’s something that some people may find difficult to get over. It has been designed with O-Tech design which has maximized the possible strength-to-weight ratio leaving you with a bow that is incredibly light yet it is powerful and extremely accurate. This looks like a bow that is worth test firing. Get more buying details about the Carbon Matrix here.

Hoyt Maxxis 35Maxxis 31 & Maxxis 35

The premier hunting compound bow in the Hoyt 2010 line-up is the Maxxis, available in either the 31 or the 35 axle-to-axle length. This is the new model of the very successful and very popular AlphaMax bows. The bow has been set up with a new past-parallel, laminated XTS ARC Limb System that has been designed to increase accuracy by reducing vibration. All the details and specs of these bows are available by visiting the Maxxis 31 page or the Maxxis 35 page.

Hoyt AlphaburnerAlphaburner

The Alphaburner is the new speed bow in the Hoyt arsenal with the Hoyt Spiral Cam & ½ system ensuring that the speed of the bow is the main feature. One of the big selling points of the bow that is stressed time and again is the smoothness of the shot. Usually, when you produce a bow that is capable of massive top-end speeds the trade-off is the vibration that it generates but this is not the case with this bow. Find out more about the Alphaburner here.

Hoyt VicxenVicxen

The new season bow that has been specifically designed for the female frame is called the Vicxen, so named for the signature of Vicki Cianciarulo. This is a very light design that features the TEC LITE riser, it is a bow that has plenty of stopping power and will suit the female hunter admirably. Get the specs and more details on the Vicxen page.

Hoyt TurbohawkTurbohawk

The Turbohawk is part of the Hoyt Hawk Series of bows that makes use of the Hoyt technology but is specifically different to the other bows in the series thanks to the XTS 500 laminated limbs. This is a bow that is very light in weight and features a new version of the Pro-Lock Pocket System. You will find the specs and details on how to buy on the Turbohawk page.

This is only part of the new range of 2010 Hoyt compound bows that have recently been released. They cover the broader range of shooting requirements from the latest in technology to the fastest of speeds. With the Hoyt reliability and track record you should be able to find a new compound bow that will suit your shooting style down to the ground.

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