2011 New Release Mathews Compound Bows For Sale

2011 Mathews Compound Bows

Note: Since this guide was written the 2012 season has come upon us and a new selection of bows have been released. Subsequently I have created a full list of compound bow specifications for 2012 that might prove useful.

Each year the major archery companies release their latest compound bows for the forthcoming season. In some cases the bows are largely re-issues of their previous models with a slight update or an addition of a new piece of technology. In other cases the new release models represent a major shift in the way in which the bows are made with ground-breaking technology unveiled.

The new Mathews compound bows for 2011 feature an extension of the Z7 bow that was unveiled in the 2010 bows. The bows are being marketed as the extended Z-Series line of bows that have been inspired by the Z7. The range of bows in the 2011 line up exhibit the same high quality that has made Mathews compound bows a bow manufacturer of extreme excellence and high regard.

Listed below are the new offerings to come from Mathews Archery. They can be bought online (click on the model names to be taken to pages where there are cheap Mathews compound bows for sale) or you can find them and try them out at your local archery store.

Z7 Xtreme

The Z7 Xtreme is a hunting bow through and through with a short frame and a large brace height it is packed with power accompanied by a forgiving manner. Moving around with the bow will not present a problem at only 28” from axle to axle. It is equipped with the ZX cam and has a reputation for being a particularly smooth-drawing bow.

Z7 Xtreme Tactical

The Z7 Xtreme Tactical has taken the Xtreme and coated it in a flat black finish. The bow features SE5 Composite SlimLimbs that have been Carbon Fiber film dipped and the ZX cam to ensure the power level is dialled up high.


The name of the Mathews eZ7 is intended to be used to describe the bow’s draw. In other words it is a bow that is very easy to draw. It is the same size as the Z7 Magnum at 32” but the brace height is a little longer. This is a smooth bow that delivers a solid top end speed of 321 feet per second.

Z7 Magnum

The speed bow in the 2011 range is the Mathews Z7 Magnum. This has been given a few more inches in size over the other new Z7 bows measuring 32” axle to axle. The top end speed of the bow has been given an IBO rating of 340 feet per second and the brace height of 6 3/8” means that you will be able to control your shot with ease.


Just as the Z7 was introduced and was acclaimed for its ability to meet the needs of all types of archers, the Z9 has used the technology and extended it to a longer draw bow. The Mathews Z9 provides for draw lengths up to 32” and has a brace height of 8-3/4” making it ideal for the long draw shooter.


The very popular Z7 is back again in a 2011 release allowing those who have always wanted to try the bow the opportunity to still be able to buy one new.

New Mathews Monster Bows

McPherson Series MR5

The new McPherson Series Monster MR5 is a speed demon with a high speed of over 360 feet per second. This is a bow that is going to be the domain of the well credentialed shooters with a brace height of 5” ensuring that there is going to be plenty of power with the precision up to the ability of the person holding on to it.

McPherson Series MR6

Like the MR5, the McPherson Series Monster MR6 is a powerful bow with an IBO rating of over 354 feet per second. The 6 refers to the brace height making it a slightly more forgiving bow at the expense of only a little bit of speed.

McPherson Series MR7

The third new bow in the McPherson Series Monster range is the MR7 and the same features are available in this speedster as are available in the other Monsters. The MR7 features a longer frame measuring 33” axle to axle and the 7” brace height provides more stability. The speed is rated at around 344 feet per second. The MR7 has evolved with revolutionary AVS Technology which provides greater cam timing.

McPherson Series Monster Safari

This bow exclusively features a new piece of technology that Mathews has developed. The feature is the new patent pending Honeycomb Core Technology and it takes advantage of the strength that is known to be one of the strongest designs in nature. The strength will be achieved without having to add undue weight to the bow. Each Monster Safari is to be custom made and they will be available in limited quantities.

New Mathews Tournament Bows

Conquest Apex 7

New for 201 is the Mathews Conquest Apex 7 featuring a perimeter weighted Apex 7 cam that should help any tournament shooter. The 7” brace height provides the bow with tremendous accuracy and performance and the 38” frame is ideal for a performance bow.

Conquest Apex 8

If the 7 inches of brace height meant that the Conquest Apex 7 was a forgiving bow then the 8” offered by the Mathews Conquest Apex 8 makes this an even more accurate bow. It comes with a unique Apex deflex riser making it an extremely stable bow.

The Mathews Children’s and Entry Level Bows

Genesis Pro

For the young archer who is ready to enter the competition arena, the Mathews Genesis Pro is still the bow to use. The draw weight of the Genesis Pro is higher than the Genesis and has an adjustable draw stop of 18 ½” – 30”. The Genesis Pro is not a new bow for 2011 but it is a bow that should be noticed and regarded carefully when looking for a great entry level tournament bow.


This is still the ideal compound bow for the beginner. It has been the introductory bow of choice for a number of years now from Mathews and the bow continues to be one of the most popular bows being sold.

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