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There are a number of smaller bow manufacturing companies that are focussing on building the best possible compound bow for the hunter and competitive archer and one of those is Obsession Bows. The company is responsible for a range of quality compound bows that are smooth and fast and worthwhile trying out.

As with any company trying to make its way in a competitive industry Obsession has come up with various innovations that helps make their bows something special. The company has produced two types of cams a two-track dual sync cam known as the Lethal Cam and a smooth drawing SS Cam.

For the competition shooter who likes the feel of a slim grip the Obsession bows have been fitted with a slim torque free grip. Not only will the competition shooters appreciate this type of grip but the hunters will also find it comfortable to hold.

The Obsession Bows are only available infrequently but when they come up for sale they are in high demand. Browse through those that are displayed below. Further down the page is a more extensive listing of the compound bows in the Obsession range.

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Obsession Turmoil 275 60 compound bow
Obsession Turmoil 275 60 compound bow
Time Remaining: 6h 5m
Buy It Now for only: $629.99
Obsession Sniper GT 2016 Compound Bow
Obsession Sniper GT 2016 Compound Bow
Time Remaining: 1d 7h 17m
Buy It Now for only: $1,000.00
2017 Obsession Defcon M6Z Compound Bow
2017 Obsession Defcon M6Z Compound Bow
Time Remaining: 1d 20h 34m
Obsession Archery Hashtag Compound Bow Package Youth or Ladies Bow 15 60
Obsession Archery Hashtag Compound Bow Package Youth or Ladies Bow 15 60
Time Remaining: 2d 16m
Buy It Now for only: $425.00
Time Remaining: 2d 57m
Obsession Sniper GT Compound Bow flawless right handed 26
Obsession Sniper GT Compound Bow flawless right handed 26
Time Remaining: 3d 19h
Buy It Now for only: $499.99

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Obsession Compound Bow Models - Information and Sales


 Obsession Def-Con 6 Obsession Def-Con 6
The Obsession Def-Con 6 compound bow is Obsession's fastest shooting compound bow, reaching speeds up to 360 fps. It is possibly the fastest, smoothest, vibration-free bow you will ever shoot.
Obsession Def-Con M6 Obsession Def-Con M6
The Obsession Def-Con M6 compound bow is a great 3D archery bow and not to mention fantastic for hunting. This is due to the M6's generous valley and rock solid back wall. These all come together to make the bow stable and smooth.
Obsession Def-Con M7 Obsession Def-Con M7
The Obsession Def-Con M7 compound bow is a dream come true to those looking for an unbelievably thin and smooth bow for hunting or target practice. This bow will reach speeds up to 346 fps while remaining silent and vibration-free to draw.
Obsession Final Cut Obsession Final Cut
The Obsession Final Cut compound bow is a superbly made tournament bow that has been blessed with significant speed while also proving to be quiet and shock free. It is a competition bow that is neither right or left hand specific and has been designed to cater direct to the bulk of the market.
Obsession Fusion 6 Obsession Fusion 6
The Obsession Fusion 6 compound bow is a part of the Obsession 2015 line-up. The Fusion 6 pack's the biggest punch out of this year's releases. With a beautifully, aesthetically pleasing design and the capability to fire an arrow so fast that it seems to disappear from the bow and appear on the target.
 Obsession K32 Obsession K32
The Obsession K32 compound bow is a beautifully vicious bow, designed to unleash incredible speeds of the arrow while producing the lowest vibration. This bow is beautiful looking, with a smooth draw to match.
 Obsession K34 Obsession K34
The Obsession K34 compound bow will really have people turning heads. This bow has the balance, accuracy and smoothness with any good bow. As well as a generous valley and solid back wall.
 Obsession Delta 6 Obsession Delta 6
The Obsession Delta 6 compound bow is the 2015 flagship hunting bow and has proven to be a significant part of the Obsession line-up. Obsession is known for producing bows that can deliver smooth drawing as well as great speed. The Delta 6 is no exception.
Obsession Phoenix Obsession Phoenix
The Obsession Phoenix compound bow is an easy to shoot and tune, bow. Which is both quiet and fast, while still staying accurate. The Phoenix was added as part of Obsession's 2014 line up, and what an addition it is. This bow is perfect for either hunting, to 3D archery.
Obsession Lethal Force Obsession Lethal Force
The Lethal Force is one of the most technically advanced bows available with a range of features designed to promote comfortable and consistent shooting.
Obsession Sniper GT Obsession Sniper GT
The Obsession Sniper GT compound bow is fast and light making it easy to use in close quarters. This is the type of bow that will be equally efficient when used for ground hunting, from a tree stand or shooting from a blind.
Obsession Evolution Obsession Evolution
The Obsession Evolution compound bow has been designed to give the shooter the most technologically advanced experience possible. The bow is a high performance speed bow that will feel smooth and in control the whole way.
Obsession Addiction Obsession Addiction
The Addiction is as smooth as silk and designed to excel on the 3D course. This is a well balanced bow that is smooth to draw and dead in the hand.
Obsession Knightmare Obsession Knightmare
The Obsession Knightmare compound bow is a speed bow that has been produced by one of the newer manufacturers in the industry that is fast making a big name for itself. The bow is incredibly smooth with a dead in the hand shot and impressive speeds.
Obsession SS
The Obsession SS compound bow is smooth to draw and easy to let down with deadly accuracy and all in an incredibly lightweight package of only 3.4lbs.
Obsession Sniper XS Obsession Sniper XS
The Obsession Sniper XS compound bow is the small and maneuverable hunting bow that is perfect for the hunter shooting from the treestand or close quarters of the blind.

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