Obsession Def-Con M6 Compound Bow

Obsession Def-Con M6The Obsession Def-Con M6 compound bow is a great 3D archery bow and not to mention fantastic for hunting. This is due to the M6's generous valley and rock solid back wall. These all come together to help make the bow stable and smooth.

This bow is similar to the Def-Con 6 but differs in the cam system with the M6 taking draw modules to change the draw length.

This bow comes with Evolution Z cams. These cams are implemented with the PerFX System and Anti Torque Roller Guard. These play a part in reducing lean on the cam and allowing the arrows to fire at higher speeds. The cams provide an 80% let-off, making the max IBO speed 352 fps. The bow has an Axle To Axle length of 32.25" and a brace height of 6".

The weight of the bow itself is 4.1 lbs and there is a choice of draw weight between 30, 40, 50, 60, 65, 70 and 80 lbs. The draw length is 23.5-30 inches.


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Bow Features

Evolution Z Cam System
PerFX System
Anti Torque Roller Guard

Obsession Def-Con M6 Bow Specs

Draw Weights : 30, 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, 80 lbs
Draw Lengths : 23.5 – 30"
Axle to Axle : 32.25"
Brace Height : 6”
Mass Weight : 4.1 lbs
Effective Let Off : 80%
IBO Speed : 352 fps

This bow was part of the 2016 line-up of compound bow releases. You can find the specifications of all bows released in 2016 here.

Here is a video released by RushOutdoorsWI Karl Bethke, giving a review for the bow.

What they're saying in the forums about the Obsession Def-Con M6

The bow is absolutely beautiful. I still love the Stormy Original. The bow is just what I thought it would be. An improved 2015 Evolution. I know you have heard this many times before about Obsession but this Defcon M6 draws and shoots smooth as silk. It's surprising that a bow with this kind of draw cycle puts out this kind of speed. Not only is it fast but it's vibe free and quiet. I shot this bow without a stabilizer and it seems to shoot like the 2015 Evolution with a stabilizer.


The difference between the DEfcon 6 and Defcon M6 are the cams, string/cable lengths. The Defcon 6 has a draw length specific cam and the Defcon M6 takes modules to change draw length. You will need a bow press to change the mods.

The average let off on the Obsession bows is about 83-84% with a generous valley. Some model bows will have more/less let off and valley depending on draw length. On some bows if you max out a cams draw length it has a tendency to reduce let off and shorten valley. I did not see that on the 2015 bows and do not see it being an issue on the 2016 models.


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