Obsession Delta 6 Compound Bow

Obsession Delta 6The Obsession Delta 6 compound bow is the 2015 flagship hunting bow and has proven to be a significant part of the Obsession line-up. Obsession is known for producing bows that can deliver smooth drawing as well as great speed. The Delta 6 is no exception.

This bow uses a riser similar to the Evolution, with it's smooth, round edges. But the Delta differs substantially to the Evolution, as it is delivered in a smaller package. The Fusion Cam is used with the PerFX DS System. This is built from a 7075 aluminium alloy for added strength. The cam gives the bow a let off of 80% and the ability for the arrows to reach speeds of 344 fps.

The PerFX DS System reduces the lateral load on the eccentric to a minimum. It does this by placing the draw stop on the cable side of the cam,

As far as shock and vibration goes, the bow registers only a minor vibration in the handle at the shot. There is very little feedback given in terms of shock and only a slight tendency for the bow to rotate in the hand.

The bow weighs 4.0 lbs which is actually fairly impressive considering the Axle-to-axle measurement of 25.56".  The draw length is 25.5-29 inches.

The MSRP of the Delta 6 is $899.00. The Delta 6 comes in only two finishes. These are Stormy Hardwoods and Black.

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Bow Features :

Fusion Cam with PerFX DS System
Composite Split Limb
7075 Alloy

Obsession Delta 6 Bow Specs

Draw Lengths : 25.5 – 29"
Axle to Axle : 25.56"
Brace Height : 6”
Mass Weight : 4.0 lbs
Effective Let Off : 80%
IBO Speed : 344 fps

This bow was released as part of the 2015 season's compound bow range. You can find a listing of all bows released in 2015 here.

Here is a video released by RushOutdoorsWI Karl Bethke, giving a review on the bow.

What they're saying in the forums about the Obsession Delta 6

The draw cycle smooth and steady all the way back to the usual solid back wall. The bow held great and did not feel like a 28 9/16in ata bow. At the shot the bow just sat there in the vertical position. It was very dead in the hand with just a tick of vibration. I installed a 6in DCA stabilizer and it was good to go. About the only thing i could hear at the shot was the LD launcher hitting the shelf.


The grip is the same as 2014 and feels a little deeper than the Evolution, more like the Phoenix. I did not find myself wanting to fish around for a more comfortable hand position at full draw. The bow shot just like i thought it would. If you have shot an Obsession before you know what i am talking about.


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