Obsession SS Compound Bow

The Obsession SS compound bow has been designed as an extremely lightweight option catering to adult shooters. There have been bows built that are lighter in weight than this bow but they are aimed at the youth market. The SS is an adult hunting bow that weighs only 3.4lbs. To add to the appeal of this bow is the fact that it is one of the smoothest drawing bows available too.

The bow features the company's SS cam to provide the smooth draw cycle and easy let down. It is accurate and dead in the hand with additional features built into the bow such as dual draw stops and a roller guard.

The Addiction is available in a range of different colors including Obsession Fall Leaves, Flat Black, Blue, Sunset Orange, Pink and Red.

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Bow Features :

SS Cam System
Roller Cable Guard
Slim Torque Free Grip

Obsession Addiction Bow Specs

Draw Weights : ??? lbs
Draw Lengths : 28 – 32"
Axle to Axle : 33-3/4"
Brace Height : 7-1/2”
Mass Weight : 3.4 lbs
Effective Let Off : ???%
IBO Speed : 320 - 330 fps

What they're saying in the forums about the Obsession SS

Brand new obsession SS!!! Got back to club just in time to put on a rest and a D loop. Shot her instinctively for about 30 minutes and it's by far the smoothest bow I've ever shot!


The bow is extremely light weight, smooth draw no handshock and shoots 330 fps. I'm ready to tackle something bigger.

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