Oneida Aero Force X80 Compound Bow

The Oneida Aero Force compound bow specifications, features and description can be viewed on this page as well as details about how you might go about buying one.

The Oneida Aero Force compound bow is one of the earlier models from the company dating back to around 1996 and onwards and proved to be one of their most popular bows. For its time it was a powerful bow that impressed with its IBO rating of over 300 fps.

Advertised features of the bow include the computer designed die-cast magnesium riser with a generous .800 inch clearance for overdraw use, three layer hardrock maple limbs that are reinforced with Gordon BO-TUFF. The bow was released as a solid workhorse that would provide heavy duty performance.

Thanks to the different modules that came with the bow it was possible to alter the draw length range into short, medium and long draws, as well as the draw weights. These ranges are supplied below as part of the bow specifications.

Note, the Aero Force X80 was also released in a couple of target bow configurations under the names Aero Force X80 Target and Aero Force X80 Silver Eagle.

Buy An Oneida Aero Force X80 Compound Bow

Oneida Eagle Aero Force X 80 Bow Med Draw RH 50 70
Oneida Eagle Aero Force X 80 Bow Med Draw RH 50 70
Time Remaining: 19d 8h 33m
Buy It Now for only: $249.99

Bow Features

80%, 65% and 50% let-off modules
Omni-Flite Strings
North America Camo Standard Finish

Oneida Aero Force X80 Bow Specifications

Draw Weights : 25-45, 35-55, 45-65, 50-70, 60-80 lbs
Draw Lengths : 19-22", 24”-25”, 26”-28”, 29”-31”, 32”-34”
Axle to Axle : n/a
Brace Height : n/a
Mass Weight : n/a
Effective Let Off : n/a
IBO Speed : 305 fps


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