Oneida Kestrel Compound Bow

Oneida KestrelThe Oneida Kestrel compound bow is part of the C.P. Oneida Eagle company which is responsible for the more distinctive and unique looking compound bows on the market. The company has changed hands in recent times but the quality of smoothness of the bows remains constant.

The bow is very customizable with a draw weight range of 20 lbs and the draw length that covers a range of 6 inches from 24 to 30 inches. Even the brace height is adjustable depending on your draw length and let-off.

The bow is extremely smooth through the draw and release cycle and the arrows fly truly. It is well balanced and there is virtually no vibration through the hand at release.

Where the bow may fall down when compared with other modern bows that are offered around is the noise that the bow generates which is quite noticeable and the speeds that are generated are not quite up to those of others. But this is where the trade-off lies. The company has opted for a bow that places more emphasis on the comfort of the shooter and the accuracy that is possible over raw speed.

The bow is well suited to bowfishing thanks to the smoothness of the draw and the relatively high let-off that allows snap shooting.

The bow is available in either Next Gen G-1 or Flat Black finishes .

This is not a bow that becomes available only occasionally so there are times when none will be offered below for sale. However, when they do come up for sale they will be offered below and it is most likely they will be available for well under the MSRP of $1395.

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Oneida Kestrel Lever Bow RH Medium DL 50 70 DW Black Finish NIB FREE SHIPPING
Oneida Kestrel Lever Bow RH Medium DL 50 70 DW Black Finish NIB FREE SHIPPING
Time Remaining: 26d 11h 54m
Buy It Now for only: $899.99

Oneida Kestrel Bow Specs
Draw Weights : 35-55, 50-70 lbs
Draw Lengths : 24-30"
Axle to Axle : 42-43"
Brace Height : 6-7” (variable)
Mass Weight : 4.5 lbs
Effective Let Off : 65-80%
IBO Speed : n/a

What they're saying in the forums about the Oneida Kestrel

I have owned and shot the Oneida Kestrel. It is a very nice bow with the center of the bow at the burger button hole.


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