Oneida Screaming Eagle Compound Bow

The Oneida Screaming Eagle compound bow is a classic bow that is often described as being fast and accurate with the feel of a recurve bow. This means that the shooter can shoot instinctively with a great deal of feel. When the bow was released in the 1980s it was advertised as being the smoothest and fastest target bow in existence with shot after shot delivered with precision archery.

Where the Screaming Eagle may let some people down is on its size and weight. The bow is quite heavy, especially when compared to the more contemporary bows that are being released today. It is also quite a long bow and, according to more than one source, it is quite a loud bow.

For every downside there is an upside and the overwhelming upside of the Screaming Eagle is in the quality of craftsmanship. Examples of this particular model of Oneida compound bow are still in perfect working order twenty years after they have been released.

The Screaming Eagle was made with chrome fittings, white limbs and nylon parts and a sculptured pewter eagle emblem featured as standard.

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Bow Features :

Tensicon Limb Tips
Impulse Motivated Cams
Fast Flite String
Recessed Sight Window

Oneida Screaming Eagle Bow Specs

Draw Weights : 25-45, 35-55, 45-65, 50-70, 60-80 lbs
Draw Lengths : 24-34"
Axle to Axle : n/a
Brace Height : n/a
Mass Weight : n/a
Effective Let Off : n/a
IBO Speed : 345-350 fps

What they're saying in the forums about the Oneida Screaming Eagle

I have a Screaming Eagle that I bought from my son-in-law when he just had to have a Mathews. I'm glad I did, It's a great shooting bow. It's like shooting a recurve on steroids. They are longer and heavier than most compounds but I like mine.

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