Parker Buck Hunter Compound Bow

The Parker Buck Hunter XP compound bow is a smoothly performing compound bow that is neat and compact. It is a bow that has been designed to meet the requirements of the majority of hunters without proving to be overly expensive making it one of the more ideal entry-level bows available.

The bow features a 2-Cam system to ensure superior smoothness of draw. The riser is CNC machined and the bow features Power-Tuff limbs. The XP suffix that is affixed to the end of the bow’s name refers to the fact that the limbs use Xtreme Parallel technology.

As can be expected from the price level at which it is offered, the Buck Hunter makes a good starter bow but it is certainly true that for those who are looking for a bow that is more high-end might feel the need to look elsewhere.

This is a well made and well put together compact hunting bow that will provide any hunter with the means to take down most game that crosses the path. Take a look at the Buck Hunter compound bows for sale below.

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Buck Hunter Parker Left Handed Bow C x
Buck Hunter Parker Left Handed Bow C x
Time Remaining: 1d 7h 16m
Buy It Now for only: $269.99

Parker Buck hunter Bow  case
Parker Buck hunter Bow case
Time Remaining: 13d 4h 9m
Buy It Now for only: $500.00

Parker Buck Hunter
Parker Buck Hunter
Time Remaining: 21d 6h 54m
Buy It Now for only: $300.00

Time Remaining: 21d 7h 50m
Buy It Now for only: $300.00

Bow Features :

2-cam system
Extreme Parallel Limbs

Parker Buck Hunter Bow Specs

Draw Weights : 60-70 lbs
Draw Lengths : 25-31"
Axle to Axle : 32-1/4"
Brace Height : 7”
Mass Weight : 3.85lbs
Effective Let Off : 75%
IBO Speed : 286 fps

What they're saying in the forums about the Parker Buck Hunter XP

The Parker Buck Hunter is a good beginner's bow, but not more than that. The main reason for that is because there isn't a stop on the cams. This wasn't a big problem for me because I wasn't a complete beginner, and was able to be pretty consistent.


This is my first bow and i am very pleased with it. I am a first time archer and being able to adjust the draw length w/o a press or taking it it to the shop is great. The bow is smooth, quiet and very fast. It's a great very easily adjustable bow and I'd recommend it to anyone.


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