Parker Frontier Compound Bow

The Parker Frontier compound bow is everything the hunter could possibly want in a bow: speed, smoothness and power. The bow is designed with parallel limb technology to reduce recoil, less hand shock and, ultimately, less noise on release.

The Frontier was released in 2006 along with the Frontier 2-Plus which differed in a number of ways such as the length of the bows with the 2-Plus an inch longer at 33.5". Also, the cam system used on the 2-Plus was a new speed cam called the 2-Plus cam designed to give the bow extreme speed. Instead, the Frontier was built for its smoothness and it is still this feature that draws the hunter back to it.

If a smooth draw, a quiet shock free release and great arrow speed is important to you, the Parker Frontier should be worth checking out.

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Parker Frontier Compound Bow
Parker Frontier Compound Bow
Time Remaining: 15h 4m

parker compound bow frontier 2 plus
parker compound bow frontier 2 plus
Time Remaining: 15d 41m
Buy It Now for only: $200.00

Parker Frontier Bow right hand 29 inch draw length 60 pounds
Parker Frontier Bow right hand 29 inch draw length 60 pounds
Time Remaining: 18d 19h 1m
Buy It Now for only: $229.98

PowerLine One Cam System
Extreme Parallel Limbs
PowerTuff Composite Limbs
In-Line Riser

Parker Frontier Bow Specs

Draw Weights :  60, 70lbs
Draw Lengths : 26-31"
Axle to Axle : 33.5"
Brace Height : 6.75"
Mass Weight : 4.15 lbs
Effective Let Off : 70%
IBO Speed : 316 fps

What they're saying in the forums about the Parker Frontier

I shot the bow a while back when it was first getting to the pro shops. It came out of the box and had a rest put on it and that was it. It was smoking fast, but seemed extremly loud and had a decent amount of hand shock. I dont know if the bow just needed to be tuned a bit, needed a stabalizer or what, but it did not impress me that much.


I shoot the Parker Frontier single cam, and I love it. I don't have the hand vibration,others have mentioned. This was the easiest bow to tune that I have ever owned. I have owned several Parker's and you can't go wrong with any of them.

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