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PSE Archery

PSE Archery was started by Pete Shepley in 1970 after turning his passion for archery accessories into one of the foremost archery makers in the world. Precision Shooting Equipment has gone from a small backyard business to a major bow maker based in Tucson, Arizona based on a combination of quality products that understand and meet the needs of archers and then backing it up with innovative new ideas.

When PSE first started operations the market was dominated by longbows or recurves and the compound bow was only just emerging. PSE has taken the compound bow and developed it further while also maintaining a quality range of longbows and recurves.

The cam systems on PSE compound bows use the NRG Inner Cam system, while the new PSE Madness bows use an ultralight single cam system designated as the MC cam. The PSE Nova uses the Synergy Universal Cam. The X-Force range of bows make use of the GX Hybrid Cam System. Each of the different cam systems allow for variations on speed and precision.

One of the key features on a PSE compound bow is the Vibracheck products - the stabilizers, grips and accessories that all help give you a smoother shooting experience. The range is impressive and is worth browsing through. It is also possible to buy these bows as part of a complete PSE compound bow package. Take a look at the PSE compound bows for sale below and compare the prices.

Listed below is a sample of the compound bows that are available from PSE Archery. Further down the page is a listing of all of the individual PSE compound bows that have been examined and offered for sale

PSE Compound Bows For Sale

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PSE Rally Camo Compound Bow 40 70lb 18 31 Draw
PSE Rally Camo Compound Bow 40 70lb 18 31 Draw
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PSE Nova Extreme Bow
PSE Nova Extreme Bow
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PSE Compound Bow Models - Information and Sales

PSE Beast
The PSE Beast compound bow can be considered to be a classic nowadays. These bows are still available today and they would make a very respectable entry level bow.
The PSE Beast EXT compound bow is a long draw bow perfect for archery whether it be target practice or a hunt through the woods. This bow is elegantly designed and packed full of new features, such as the new Wedge Lock limb pockets.
PSE Bow Madness PSE Bow Madness
The PSE Bow Madness compound bow uses the single cam technology that has been tried and tested in past PSE bows. The Bow Madness comes in three different models, the XS, standard and XL.
 PSE Bow Madness 30 PSE Bow Madness 30
The PSE Bow Madness 30 compound bow is the smallest of the 3 Bow Madness bows that have been released by the company in 2015. It is nice and compact at 30 inches from axle to axle and it provides a healthy speed, capable of producing speeds of up to 330 feet per second.
 PSE Bow Madness 32 PSE Bow Madness 32
The PSE Bow Madness 32 compound bow is a medium length bow that uses the Drury Outdoors Bow Madness framework released by the company in 2015. It is a high performance bow that forms the top end bow offering from the mainline series presented by PSE Archery.
 PSE Bow Madness 34 PSE Bow Madness 34
The PSE Bow Madness 34 compound bow is the longest framed of the three Bow Madness bows with an axle-to-axle measurement of 34 inches. The bow is a powerful set up that features a hybrid cam system that is responsible for speeds up to 342 fps.
PSE Bow Madness 3G
The PSE Bow Madness 3G compound bow has taken a compound bow that was considered to be one of the best available and given it a complete overhaul.
PSE Bow Madness XL PSE Bow Madness XL
The PSE Bow Madness XL compound bow is the speed bow of the trio of Bow Madness bows. Measuring 36 inches axle to axle and with a 6 inch brace height, this is the bow to get when you are looking to generate some real stopping power.
PSE Bow Madness XS PSE Bow Madness XS
At less than 30 inches axle to axle, the PSE Bow Madness XS provides you with a compact bow that provides minimal hand shock and vibration. This is the smallest of the three Bow Madness bows but it is still a powerful hunting bow.
PSE Bruin
The PSE Bruin compound bow is a youth or ladies compound bow that was available around 2005. It may be considered to be a starter or entry level compound bow.
PSE Brute PSE Brute
The PSE Brute is a smooth drawing single cam bow that has been released as a compact parallel limb bow that is capable of high speed shooting.
 PSE Brute Force PSE Brute Force
The PSE Brute Force compound bow has entered the archery scene as a new bow for 2016. The Brute Force brings a combination of smooth drawing, fast shooting and reduced vibration, which one can usually only find on a high priced bow.
PSE Brute X
The PSE Brute X compound bow is complete redesign for the 2012 season of the original Brute compound bow and has incorporated X-Tech technology into it.
 PSE Chaos AD PSE Chaos AD
The PSE Chaos AD compound bow takes the popular design from previous years and given it an update for 2013 with the inclusion of Adapta cams.
PSE Chaos One
The PSE Chaos One compound bow is based on the design of the very popular earlier version PSE Chaos. The Chaos is a bow designed for the short-framed shooter and this is carried through to the newer Chaos One.
PSE Chaos PSE Chaos
The PSE Chaos compound bow is a youth bow that has been designed to provide the perfect draw for the small frame archer. It is known as a speed bow for low poundage and is ideal for women and young shooters.
PSE Decree HD PSE Decree HD
The PSE Decree HD compound bow is a new bow produced by PSE, perfect for hunting or just the target range. With a large Axle-To-Axle of 35" and a brace height of 6.5", one feels comfortable, knowing they have a bow with the speed and power.
PSE Deer Hunter PSE Deer Hunter
The PSE Deer Hunter compound bow is a perfect entry level bow for any type of shooter. It is an extremely popular bow and is available at a price that makes it even more attractive.
PSE Discovery 2 PSE Discovery 2
The PSE Discovery 2 compound bow is a youth bow that has been perfectly designed for the very young to take up, draw and shoot with ease. It is a great beginner’s bow that is light in weight.
The PSE DNA SP compound bow takes over from the original performance bow, the Dream Season DNA. Some shooters have commented on the fact that the original DNA had a draw cycle that was on the aggressive side. The SP added to the name stands for Smooth Pull and that is the way the DNA SP feels as you start the draw cycle.
 PSE Dominator Max PSE Dominator Max
The PSE Dominator Max compound bow takes the original Dominator and has added the latest features to it to ensure that it is the most accurate and most forgiving target bow possible.
PSE Dominator Pro
The PSE Dominator Pro compound bow has been and continues to be one of the most accurate and successful target archery compound bows being used in competition today.
 PSE Dream Season Decree PSE Dream Season Decree
The Dream Season Decree is a speed bow that has been designed with every feature aimed at delivering smooth power through efficient use of energy. The bow is the type of shooter that any hunter is going to love to use.
PSE Dream Season DNA PSE X-Force Dream Season DNA
The PSE Dream Season DNA compound bow is the result of a requirement to produce a hunting bow that is both lightweight and high performance.
  PSE Drive
The PSE Drive compound bow has been released for the 2013 season and is a mid-priced bow that has been welcomed into the X-Force family and is equipped with features that you would expect to see on far more expensive bows.
PSE Drive LT PSE Drive LT
The PSE Drive LT compound bow has quickly become one of the best value compound bows on the pro market. PSE has done what others in the marketplace might otherwise be afraid to do. The company has built a bow that is lean and mean, but still has all the core elements you’ve come to expect from a Pro-Series bow.
 PSE Drive R PSE Drive R
The PSE Drive R compound bow has been released for the 2016 season as an upgraded version of a model that has proven to be a winner for a number of years. The bow offers the features that are found on far more expensive models but costs only a fraction of the price.
The PSE EVO 7 compound bow uses the popular Dream Season EVO design but has given it a slight alteration to suit shooters who like to shoot using a 7 inch brace height.
The PSE X-Force EVO Max compound bow uses the high performance platform of the EVO system and has added the latest innovations to create a new smooth drawing power machine for the 2013 season.
The PSE EVO SD compound bow is a short draw compound bow that is designed to be the fastest short draw bow on the market having been designed on the EVO platform.
 PSE Fever PSE Fever
The PSE Fever compound bow has been designed to deliver the transitional stage of the developing archer's life providing a capability of growing along with its owner. The draw length range of the bow takes you from 11.5 inches all the way out to 29 inches.
 PSE Fever One PSE Fever One
The PSE Fever One compound bow is an adjustable youth compound bow that is the next step up from the Fever. It has an IBO Speed rating of 312 fps and is a powerful single cam compound bow.
 PSE Fever One Pro PSE Fever One Pro
The PSE Fever One Pro compound bow is a compact single cam bow that is an upgraded version of the original Fever One. The bow is designed to cater for the smaller framed shooter but is still equipped to create high speeds.
  PSE Freak
The PSE Freak compound bow is the long draw bow for 2012 that has combined a size and weight that is going to suit the larger hunter and combined it with awesome speed.
 PSE Freak Max PSE Freak Max
The PSE Freak Max compound is the 2013 edition of the original Freak which was first released in 2012 as the answer to all of the large shooter's needs.
 PSE Freak SP
PSE Freak SP
The PSE Freak SP compound bow is a bow that should not be missed for anyone looking for a new bow. For those with a long draw length, the PSE Freak SP is the bow for you. Clocking in at an IBO speed of 354 fps and weighing 4.3 pounds, the PSE Freak is perfect for the long draw archer.
PSE Full Throttle PSE Full Throttle
The PSE Full Throttle compound bow has been released for the 2014 as one of the fastest hunting bows available rated at a blistering 370 fps. The bow is fast but also smooth and accurate.
PSE Hammer
The PSE Hammer compound bow uses the EVO platform that has already been accepted by a good many hunters. The bow features the EVO cam system and a 7” brace height and is also part of the X-Force family of bows.
 PSE Inertia PSE Inertia
The PSE Inertia compound bow balances a high-end performance Pro series bow with a low, non-expensive price point. It is the type of bow that is perfect for the hunter who doesn't wish to go all out with their hunting needs.
PSE Source PSE Source
The PSE Source compound boe packs the accuracy, durability, and the hard-hitting punch you need to drop the toughest game. Because when you've put in the hard work to get the kill of a lifetime, you need the right bow for the job.
The PSE Supra EXT compound bow is a classic target bow, produced with an array of new features. Such as the Drive Style Cam and a Wild Track Target Limb System. These really put PSE to the test but ended with an impressive bow for any archer.
  PSE X-Force Omen Max
The PSE X-Force Omen Max compound bow is an updated and improved version of the previously released Omen Pro. The bow that was already regarded as the fastest and most efficient hunting compound bow on the market has been improved and repackaged for the 2013 season.
  PSE X-Force Omen Pro
The PSE X-Force Omen Pro compound bow has been released in as part of the 2012 range of compound bows and is touted as one of the fastest, most efficient bows ever made.
PSE Omen PSE X-Force Omen
The PSE X-Force Omen compound bow is a new release for 2009 and boasts a top speed of 366 fps making it one of the fastest bows available. It is said to be PSE's response to the Mathews Monster that has also just been released.
PSE X-Force Dream Season EVO
The PSE X-Force Dream Season EVO compound bow has taken the original Dream Season bow and has evolved it into a smooth powerhouse complete with all of the PSE accessories and latest technologies.
PSE X Force GX PSE X-Force GX
The PSE X-Force GX compound bow is a bow that is packed with power with a maximum speed of up to 352 fps capability. The PSE X-Force GX is part of a series of bows released by PSE under the X-Force banner.
PSE X Force Dream Season PSE X-Force Dream Season
The PSE X-Force Dream Season compound bow is part of the PSE X-Force series making use of the company's X Technology to create a top performance speed bow. High bow speeds are generated by the optimized bow limbs and cams.
PSE XForce Axe 6 PSE X-Force Axe 6
The PSE X-Force Axe 6 compound bow has taken the efficiency that has been introduced by the X Technology and has combined it with the new AXE Inner Cam system.
PSE Axe 7 PSE X-Force Axe 7
The PSE X-Force Axe 7 is built for speed and accuracy and packs a lot of power making it perfect for the serious shooter.
 PSE Momentum PSE Momentum
The PSE Momentum compound bow is a single cam bow that rivals the more highly fancied models and does so at a far lower price tag. The bow is a hunting bow that is extremely powerful.
 PSE Phenom PSE Phenom
The PSE Phenom compound bow has been released by PSE Archery for the 2013 season as a more affordable target archery option.
PSE Phenom SD PSE Phenom SD
The PSE Phenom SD compound bow is designed to be as effective as possible without breaking the bank. It features an upgraded Mini Drive Cam to remain a bow that will more than meet the needs of the target shooter and does so at a price that will appeal to the majority.
PSE Premonition HD PSE Premonition HD
The PSE Premonition compound bow is a speed bow that doesn't sit at a speed bow price point. In fact, this is one of the best value for money bows available when you consider that it has an IBO rating of 345 fps.
PSE Premonition PSE Premonition
The PSE Premonition compound bow looks, at first glance, very similar to the DNA SP in that it is an inch shorter, is powered by the same Source cam system and is very similar in weight.
  PSE Revenge
The PSE Revenge compound bow is a short framed bow that has not lost any speed or power. This new bow for 2012 has been inspired by the Vendetta XS but has been created with a new riser design.
The PSE X Force GX LD is the GX compound bow but in a long draw version suitable for larger framed archers.
 PSE Sinister PSE Sinister
The PSE Sinister compound bow is a compact hunting bow that has been designed specially to be used from a tree stand or a ground blind. At only 28" in length it will suit shooting from tight quarters.
 PSE Prophecy PSE Prophecy
The PSE Prophecy compound bow is a single cam bow that the company claims is the fastest single cam bow ever made.
 PSE Supra Max PSE Supra Max
The PSE Supra Max compound bow is a redesigned version of the already popular tournament bow released for the 2013 season.
PSE Supra ME
The PSE Supra ME compound bow has taken the popular original Supra, which was designed as a 3D bow with a great deal going for it, and added some speed to it.
 PSE Surge PSE Surge
The PSE Surge compound bow is a highly efficient bow that transfers its energy directly to the release of the arrow. It features a single cam system that is extremely adjustable boasting a draw length range from 19.5” to 30”.
PSE Tidal Wave PSE Tidal Wave
The PSE Tidal Wave compound bow is a fishing bow designed to be as accurate and efficient as possible. As bow fishing rises in popularity, so does the need for a more fast and accurate fishing bow. This is where PSE has really put in the effort to stay up the top of the fishing bow standards.
  PSE Vendetta DC
The PSE Vendetta DC compound bow takes the very popular Vendetta design that bases off the smooth draw and impressive speeds that has drawn hunters to it.
PSE X-Force Vendetta XL PSE X-Force Vendetta XL
The PSE X-Force Vendetta XL is the bow that has been touted as the best of both worlds. This is a bow that provides the shooter with great gobs of speed while still drawing smoothly.
PSE X-Force Vendetta XS PSE X-Force Vendetta XS
The PSE Vendetta XS compound bow provides the hunter with a bow that shouldn’t be possible. A short framed bow that is not only fast and powerful but also forgiving and accurate in its own right.
PSE Vision PSE Vision
The PSE Vision compound bow is a suitable bow for a wide range of shooters from the first timer to the more experienced. It is a bow that is designed to offer a transitional option.
PSE Xpression PSE Xpression
The PSE Xpression compound bow is engineered with PSE's new Wide-Track Target Limb System and built on a 7075 aluminium riser. This bow is amazingly accurate and fires like a dream.
PSE Xpression 3D PSE Xpression 3D
The PSE Xpression 3D compound bow is engineered with PSE's new Wide-Track Target Limb System and built on a 7075 aluminium riser. Through this, the bow is made rigid and sturdy.
PSE Moneymaker PSE Moneymaker X
PSE makes two models of the Moneymaker compound bow with the Moneymaker X LF and the Moneymaker X NI available with the difference being the cam systems that power the bows. These target bows are the envy of the archery world as precision instruments of extreme quality
  PSE Stiletto
The PSE Stiletto compound bow is the new power bow that has been designed for the female shooter. Although it is designated as a woman’s bow it is fitted with X-Tech limbs to provide the lightweight power.
 PSE Stinger X PSE Stinger X
The PSE Stinger X compound bow takes the original reliable performance that was evident in the Stinger and has given it a slight improvement. This is a bow that is not only suitable for the new or novice bow hunter but will also well and truly fill the needs of the experienced shooter.
 PSE Stinger X Stiletto PSE Stinger X Stiletto
The PSE Stinger X Stiletto compound bow takes the popular performance qualities that were introduced in the original Stinger and applies them to a bow that has been designed for the female hunter.
  PSE Stinger 3G
The PSE Stinger 3G compound bow has taken the most affordable hunting bow in the PSE line up and given it a complete overhaul for 2012.
PSE Stinger PSE Stinger
The PSE Stinger compound bow is  an amazing bow that is available at an incredible price. It pulls together speed accuracy and stability at a price that is unmatched by similar bows in the market.
  PSE Rally
The PSE Rally compound bow has been designed to provide the greatest amount of adjustability possible and caters for an impressive range of shooter sizes.
PSE X Force Super Short PSE X-Force Super Short GX
The PSE Super Short is a very short framed bow, from axle to axle it measures 26.625 inches making it an extremely compact bow. But this doesn’t mean that the bow is not a high performance bow. It delivers plenty of power through its X-Force limbs and the GX Cam System.
  PSE Thunderbolt X
The PSE Thunderbolt X compound bow is a short framed bow that would be ideal for use in the treestand or when moving through heavy undergrowth.
 PSE Verge PSE Verge
The PSE Verge compound bow has been designed for the shorter statured shooters in mind. The bow is compact and light but is still capable of delivering significant speeds with the feature of X-Technology used.
  PSE X-Force 6
The PSE X-Force 6 compound bow is a speed demon that has been designed for the experienced shooter.
PSE X Force 7 GX PSE X-Force 7 GX
Part of the powerful PSE X-Force range, the X-Force 7 compound bow gets its name from the size of its brace height of 7 inches.
PSE X Force Short Draw LF PSE X-Force Short Draw LF
The PSE X Force Short Draw is a bow designed for the small framed archer with draw lengths ranging from 24 – 27 inches. The bow uses PSE’s X Force limb technology which is part of capability of providing the speed of the bow.
PSE X-Force Super Short NI
  PSE X-Force Treestand
The PSE X-Force Treestand GX compound bow features the technologically advanced GX Hybrid cam system which is a particularly highly efficient cam system. The great selling point of the bow comes from the fact that it has been designed for use from a tree stand location making it a bow that is easy to move and can be described as an ultimate hunting bow.
  PSE Wave
The PSE Wave compound bow is a bowfishing compound bow and although it is necessary to use a bow that is lighter than the normal weight, a bowfishing bow has to stand up to a lot of treatment.
PSE X Force Shark PSE Shark X NI
The PSE Shark X NI compound bow is a target bow that is considered one of the best in the market. It is a remake of the original PSE Shark and comes complete with an NI Cam system, a wood grip and 12 inch Hypersplit limbs.
PSE Mini Burner PSE Mini Burner
The PSE Mini Burner compound bow is a bow for the very young and provides them with the kinds of features that you might expect on a fully sized bow. PSE have created a small bow that is as adjustable as it is possible to get.
PSE Mach X PSE Mach X
The PSE Mach X compound bow makes use of a few of the PSE innovations that have made many other bows from the company popular and placed them in the one powerful bow.
PSE Rogue X PSE Rogue X
The PSE Rogue X compound bow was released as the value bow of the 2008 PSE line-up and managed to provide shooters with plenty of speed from a high-performance bow at the same time.
PSE Firestorm Lite
The PSE Firestorm Lite compound bow is short framed compound bow that will prove to be a particularly stable hunting bow. The size and weight of this little dynamo should prove perfect for use with a tree stand or for carrying through the most difficult of terrain.
PSE Nova PSE Nova
The PSE Nova compound bow has been designed with the beginner archer in mind. It is made with a machined riser that is combined with unique Synergy Universal Cams (SU).
PSE Spyder PSE Spyder Youth
The PSE Spyder youth compound bow has been designed as an introductory bow for a young shooter or for a small framed person who is just learning the art of shooting a bow.
PSE Ranger PSE Ranger
The PSE Ranger compound bow is not just a compound bow for kids, it is a compound bow for the very young kids. This bow has been designed to be used as a learner bow for children around the 8-12 year range.
PSE Silverhawk
The PSE Silverhawk compound bow is the ultimate in entry level compound bows. This is the type of bow that is going to be virtually risk free because the price is so reasonable.
PSE Vengeance
The PSE Vengeance compound bow was first introduced to hunters and serious shooters in 2005 and featured a slew of new features that were designed to provide a smoother and quieter shooting experience.
  PSE Mojo 3D
The PSE Mojo 3D compound bow has been designed with accuracy as the main driving factor over speed or weight and this makes it a little different to many of the bows that were made around the same time.
  PSE Typhoon
The PSE Typhoon compound bow is a fast shooting, powerful bow that will provide the hunter with the speed required to hit hard and true. The single cam technology ensures that it is a high performance bow that will have a lot of feel in the hand.
  PSE Mossy Oak X
The PSE Mossy Oak X compound bow combines a great deal of speed with a virtually vibration free draw cycle and shot.
PSE Marauder
The PSE Marauder compound bow is also sometimes listed as the PSE Carroll Marauder compound bow and it is still available for sale in limited numbers.
PSE Stingray
The PSE Stingray compound bow is still a very good bow to use even if it is getting on a bit in age. It is a great short axle-to-axle compound with a short draw length and it is perfect as either a backup bow
PSE Polaris
The PSE Polaris compound bow was available either as the Express or the Game Sport and it was first introduced in 1991 and was released each year until 1995.
PSE Fire Flite 33
The PSE Fire Flite 33 compound bow is a low cost bow that performs above itself and is comparable to bows that cost a lot more.
  PSE Fire Flite
The PSE Fire Flite compound bow was released by the company under a number of different configurations. The bow was always a high performance one that provided a combination of solid speed and a great deal of accuracy.
PSE Phaser
The PSE Phaser compound bows were made more than 20 years ago and while the technology has come a long way the concepts are still the same.
  PSE Team Fitzgerald
The PSE Nova Team Fitzgerald compound bow was released from 2000 onwards and was one of the better entry level bows for younger shooters and newcomers alike.

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