PSE Chaos One Compound Bow

The PSE Chaos One compound bow is based on the design of the very popular earlier version PSE Chaos. The Chaos is a bow designed for the short-framed shooter and this is carried through to the newer Chaos One. The difference between the two models lies in the cam system. The Chaos One employs a single cam system, namely the NI Single Cam System.

The cam system of the Chaos One serves to give the bow a smoother draw cycle and the simplicity of the system also means it is more reliable and is a greater aid to accuracy. The aluminium riser leads to the impressive preloaded 12” PSE split limbs, making use of split limb pockets for perfect alignment.

The reason for choosing the Chaos One over the Chaos FC is to gain a little bit of speed over the adjustability that is gained with the FC model.

While the Chaos One is a bow that has been designed for the young hunter it would be a mistake to regard it as a kids bow. It is far from that and the IBO rating which tops at over 300 fps is testament to this. Choosing the Chaos One gives you a bargain basement priced bow that is going to suit a wide range of archers who are still learning about the sport.

Buy A PSE Chaos One Compound Bow

PSE Chaos One 1Compound Bow 29 LB Max REPLACEMENT LIMBS Skullworks Set Kids 06
PSE Chaos One 1Compound Bow 29 LB Max REPLACEMENT LIMBS Skullworks Set Kids 06
Time Remaining: 2d 19h 52m
Buy It Now for only: $49.99

Bow Features :

NI Single Cam System
6061-T6 Aluminum Riser
SLT grip
Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity, Black or Skullworks

PSE Chaos One Bow Specs

Draw Weights : 40, 50, 60 lbs
Draw Lengths : 24 – 28"
Axle to Axle : 30 ½”
Brace Height : 6.875”
Mass Weight : 3.3 lbs
Effective Let Off : 80%
IBO Speed : 294-302 fps

What they're saying in the forums about the PSE Chaos One

If one were on a budget the pse chaos one is a good entry level short draw bow who's speed actually is right up there with the bowmadness xs for half the cost.


The Chaos series of bows are a great choice for the small framed archer. While the bow was intended for the younger developing archer, they still will work great for the small framed archer.

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