PSE Fever One Pro Compound Bow

PSE Fever One ProThe PSE Fever One Pro compound bow is a compact single cam bow that is an upgraded version of the original Fever One. The bow is designed to cater for the smaller framed shooter but is still equipped to create high speeds.

The bow features an increased maximum draw weight with the inclusion of a 70 pounds draw weight for stronger shooters who are looking for the added power.

Starting at a minimum draw length of 18.5 inches and going all the way out to 29 inches, the range is wide enough to ensure that the bow will suit a young archer who is still growing. The draw length range is over 10 inches which is unique for a single cam bow..

This is a bow that delivers plenty of speed and will cover the needs of a wide range of shooters but it will do so at a budget price.

The bow is available in three different finish options of Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity Camo, Pink Camo and Skullworks..

The Fever One Pro was added to the PSE line up for the 2015 season as an integral part of the Main Line series of bows. If you wish to make a comparison you can browse the details of the original Fever Pro. Take a look at the selection of Fever One Pro compound bows displayed below.

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Bow Features :
Single Cam System

PSE Fever One Pro Bow Specs
Draw Weights : 40, 50, 60, 70 lbs
Draw Lengths : 18.5-29"
Axle to Axle : 30"
Brace Height : 7”
Mass Weight : 3.7 lbs
Effective Let Off : 75%
IBO Speed : 300-325 fps

This bow was part of the 2015 line-up of compound bow releases. You can find the specifications of all bows released in 2015 here.

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