PSE Phaser Compound Bow

The PSE Phaser compound bows were made more than 20 years ago and while the technology has come a long way the concepts are still the same. What you will find is that the bow is a little more difficult to draw than the newer models and dampening features are virtually non-existent.

While the bow is going to be very cheap to buy, it is not really the type of bow you might buy as an entry level bow. The forgiveness is not there and neither is the smooth valley and solid back wall that you might appreciate as a newcomer. For anyone who is keen to take a trip down memory lane the Phaser, whether it is the I, II or III will provide an interesting study.

Every now and then one of the old PSE Phaser compound bows come up for sale. If you can get them at a suitably low price it might be worthwhile, if nothing more it would make a great comparison bow to the models available for hunters today.

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MA4 Right Handed PSE Phaser II 30 60 Compound Bow AS IS
MA4 Right Handed PSE Phaser II 30 60 Compound Bow AS IS
Time Remaining: 8d 5h 42m

Normally in this section of the page I would add the bow specs for the featured compound bow but they are very scarce for this particular model. If you need to find out the specs of the Phaser I suggest you click through on the product links supplied above.

Also a final warning on shooting bows this old is provided in a post displayed below from one of the online archery forums.

What they are saying in the forums about the PSE Phaser

up until recently i had been shooting a 1978 PSE Phaser. As some of you might guess, a bow that old isn't as durable as it once was. it held up to me shooting some 300 arrows last year. but this year unfortunately it only lasted around 12 or 13 arrows. Then the lower limb, made of fiberglass, snapped.


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