PSE Polaris Compound Bow

The PSE Polaris compound bow was available either as the Express or the Game Sport and it was first introduced in 1991 and was released each year until 1995. For its time it was a very reliable bow that was notable for the smoothness of the draw and the quietness of shot. This was not a speed bow but rather a sports bow that rewarded those with a steady aim. These days it might be considered a very worthwhile bow to start out with.

Anyone who is looking for a solid, reliable compound bow at a rock bottom price should be able to pick up a Polaris fairly readily. As long as you are not expecting to be shooting the lights out of your targets at lightning speed you should be very happy with your purchase. At the time of writing not all of the specifications were available.

Buy A PSE Polaris Express Compound Bow

Time Remaining: 16d 9h 46m
Buy It Now for only: $49.95

Polaris GAME SPORT SERIES PSE RH Graphite Compound Bow 45 60 30 Draw NIB
Polaris GAME SPORT SERIES PSE RH Graphite Compound Bow 45 60 30 Draw NIB
Time Remaining: 21d 17h 17m
Buy It Now for only: $125.00

Bow Features :

Power Cam System

PSE Polaris Bow Specs

Draw Weights : 50-80lbs
Draw Lengths : 28-31"
Axle to Axle : 41"
Brace Height :
Mass Weight :
Effective Let Off :
IBO Speed : n/a

What they're saying in the forums about the PSE Polaris

They did not advertise by IBO speed back then- Normally AMO speed was advertised- some companies did IBO speeds (Martin, Darton come to mind), but most were still doing AMO only.

I bought one of these for my Uncle and set it up for him. It was the 75% energy wheel. AMO speed was rated around 200 FPS, and that was def pushing the truth. It was a smooth draw and quiet though! It was setup at 29/70 pounds and I shot one of my ACC 3-49s through it (around 390 grains), and I got somewhere around 215.



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