QAD Arrow Rests

Quality Archery Designs, or QAD Arrow Rests are recognised as the best and most reliable drop-away (or fall-away) arrow rests available. It is becoming increasingly common to find that when a new compound bow is purchased the first piece of equipment that is bought to put on it, if it doesn’t already come equipped, is a QAD rest. In fact, the QAD arrow rests are among the leading arrow rests on the market today.

The QAD Ultra Rest series provides hunters with the double advantage of being able to use a consistent and reliable drop-away rest that ensures zero contact to the arrow while also providing the containment capabilities that you would get with a capture rest. It does this thanks to the use of a lever which is easily flicked into place when the arrow has been loaded and when it locks the arrow is captured no matter whether the bow the right way up or has been turned upside down.

As well as the capture capabilities the rest has also been designed with the company’s proprietary Velocity Drop-Away Technology (VDT). With other drop away rests, when the bow is let down the rest drops away forcing you to reload. This is not the case with VDT. The launcher will remain in place when the bow is let down and will remain in place until the lever is flicked off to kick the launcher back into its pre-cocked position.

The QAD Arrow Rest Range

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Ultra Rest Hunter

Ultra Rest HDX

Ultra Rest HD Pro Series

Ultra Rest LD Pro Series

It has been confirmed in multiple tests that the QAD drop-away arrow rests easily function fast enough to clear the fletching before it arrives. A rest that has been properly installed and tuned on a bow that is functioning properly (i.e., no cam lean, poor cam synchronization and nock travel, etc.) will always drop away to ensure there is no contact with the arrow.

QAD arrow rest provides the hunter with the option of using any fletching configuration they require with the advantage of total arrow containment.

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