Scott Black Hole Bow Releases

The Scott Black Hole releases are innovative designs that incorporate an enclosed index finger hole that has been paired with an incredibly ergonomic tapered design to make them some of the most comfortable back tension releases available. The joined section of the release has been pared down so that the enclosed finger is still located very close to the middle fingers but the design means the shooter is afforded even greater control.

The Black Hole releases are available as Black Hole II, Black Hole III and Black Hole IV with the range giving you the choice of a two-finger, three-finger or four finger release. Browse through the selection of Scott Black Hole releases for sale below and choose the size that you require. The price ranges vary from the incredibly cheap to the reasonably priced.

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What the manufacturer says

What the customers say

"I also starting using a Scott Black hole back tension release and it is awesome to say the least."

"I currently use the 4-finger Blackhole. Like it, but does take some time to dial in the speed of it."

"The set screw in the moon is very small and mine seemed to even be stripped. I wrote customer support to ask if there was anyway of getting a replacement screw and where I can find replacement bands. Within a few hours a rep wrote back asking for my address so they could send one out to me. I honestly have to say that the CS is awesome and at least you know you ll be taken care of. Just wanted to let every one know, good customer service is hard to find these days. "

More models of Scott back tension releases

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