Scott Little Bitty Goose Bow Releases

The Scott Little Bitty Goose release takes the compactness of the Little Goose release and makes it even smaller. Although it is small in size it is a strong release that helps to maintain great accuracy and is durable enough to keep on working. This single caliper release provides the shooter with a great deal of control and with the choice of either a rope connector or nylon connector it is fully adjustable to suit all archers no matter whether on the target range or hunting.

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What the manufacturer says

What the customers say

"This is by far the most comfortable, reliable, and easily adjustable release on the market. You will pay a little more for these but as I said, you get what you pay for. They have many different choices for you to choose from. You can have the velcro type or buckle type strap. I use the buckle just due to the noise of the velcro and with the buckle type it is in the same place every time."

"I bought this release thinking that it would be just another middle quality release. Boy was I surpised, it releases arrow super smoothly which provides for a quiet flight and zero bow torque. It also is adjustable so you can make it fit your needs."

"I like it because I can leave it on and still have use of my release hand.  It is easily tucked away and I love the size."

Range of Scott Archery single caliper releases

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