Scott Longhorn III and IV Bow Releases

The Scott Longhorn 3 and 4 releases are made with hand-polished stainless steel so that they look great and feel comfortable in the hand. Both the Longhorn III and IV releases feature the exclusive new micro-adjustable bracket that will allow for a precision release fit. With a thinner bracket the release can provide the shooter with an even longer draw length than other releases. Depending on whether you feel more comfortable using a 3-fingered release or a 4-fingered release the choice of which back tension release you use is almost too easy.

The Scott Longhorn IV is a high performance release that will assist with solid target performances, the ergonomic design spreads the tension across the fingers evenly to assist with accuracy. These releases are created from lightweight machined aluminum that ensures a tough and reliable release and the thumb pegs are interchangeable to provide you with three sizes, small medium and large.

Browse through the range of Scott Longhorn releases either the Longhorn III or the Longhorn IV should be available in good numbers.

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What the manufacturer says

What the customers say

"I shot a Scott Longhorn for a while and still have it, but I absolutely love it! Its a very comfortable release that is really smooth."

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