Scott Megahorn Bow Releases

The Scott Megahorn release is an oversize back tension release that has been designed to fit a shooter with larger hands. After years of producing back tension releases and getting requests from shooters with larger hands for a release that would feel comfortable for them, Scott has come out and developed the Megahorn.

This release is not going to suit the vast majority of shooters, having been designed for those of a larger stature who feel uncomfortable when holding the standard back tension releases. Look for a suitable Scott Megahorn release for sale below.

Buy A Scott Megahorn Release

This product is not currently available, please check back later.

What the manufacturer says

What the customers say

"The Megahorn doesn't look it in the photos, but it is MASSIVE. The only way to hold it comfortably was to bury it close to my palm (at the bottom of the fingers where a ring would go). That felt really odd."

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