Scott Silverhorn Bow Releases

The Scott Silverhorn release is an open hook string loop release that has been redesigned for easier loading featuring a forward knurled trigger and a range of five holes to increase the level of adjustment that is available. The speed with which the release can be engaged is a significant benefit of this style of release and letting down again when necessary is also easy and silent.

The Silverhorn release is availabel in either the Mossy Oak or black finish and the connector options are the solid connector or the nylon connector system. Browse through the range of Silverhorn bow releases for sale below to find one that comes with the features you require.

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What the manufacturer says

What the customers say

"I'm not a fan of caliper type so I tried this hook design, It's top notch, works great and makes my shooting faster and much more accurate"

"So far I really like the Silverhorn. I got over a year of continual use on one of them and it still feels like the day I got it. I did put the SnS's leather buckle strap on it though. The Silverhorns black leather strap was kind of thin and flimsy for me. The camo buckle version is beefier. It has a bit of trigger travel to it(some would say too much), but it is so smooth and light"

If you are looking at string loop releases you might also want to consider the Scott Rhino XT release.

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