Spot Hogg Seven Deadly Pins Bow Sight

The Spot Hogg Seven Deadly Pins bow sight is a hunting sight that has been consistently voted as one of the best multiple pin hunting sights available. This sight was developed based on the design of the Right On and Real Deal sights.

The sight features micro-adjustable individual pins – seven of them – that are complemented by a vertical wire to provide gapping. A level is built into the pin guard for help with the horizontal levelling. Effectively this sight provides the hunter with an additional 2 extra pins without compromising accuracy that may be lost through centering your pin guard in your peep.

The pins are surrounding by a round painted pin guard that measures 2-3/8” to add to the visibility. Adjustability is built into the sight with no-clamp gang adjustment and 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment. The sight may be found with either .010” or .019” pins and the pins. All of this in a sight that weighs in at only 6.72 oz.

Browse through the Seven Deadly Pin bow sites that have been featured below to discover more of the features they provide and choose one that best suits your needs. Further down the page we have included a list of the sight features that have been highlighted by the manufacturer.

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Seven Deadly Pins Features

Visit the Spot Hogg page to find the extensive range of bow sight models on offer.

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