There are many different types of bow stabilizers that will suit a range of bows. The type that you may want to buy will depend on the size of the bow you are using and the level of weight change you require.

Stabilizers for bows are becoming a crucial part of setting up your bow so that it is perfectly weighted for your needs. The vibration suppression that can be afforded by these stabilizers helps to increase accuracy enormously.

Vibracheck Stabilizers

Vibracheck has a vast range of stabilizers that will suit whatever shooting you plan to do. Short stabilizers and long stabilizers are all stocked from the 5 inch Fexxtech Camo to the 20 inch Freestyle stabilizers and everything in between.You simply have to visit the Stabilizers For Sale page to track down the model and size that you are looking for.

Vibracheck Stabilizer

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Doinker Stabilizers

The big name in the stabilizer market is Doinker and there is good reason that this brand is the number 1 brand. The Doinker Target stabilizers such as Alumi-Komp series, the Avancee series, the Target Elite series and the Target Fatty Carbon series ensure that the target shooter is well covered. The field and hunters are also well supported with Doinker stabilizers available for both types of shooting.

Doinker Stabilizer

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Octane Stabilizers

Octane is another popular maker of compound bow stabilizers that give you another option when looking for something to improve your performance. Innovative stabilizers such as the Octane stabilizer with Piston Shock Dampening to help direct movement towards the target limits bow movement in all directions and helps keep the bow in line with the target. Check out all of the Octane stabilizers for sale on the stabilizer product page.

Octane Stabilizer

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Fuse Stabilizers

The Fuse bow accessories are popular products with many hunters and the Fuse Axium Stabilizers are a particular favorite with hunters around the world. The design and performance has been proven time and again and provide great weight distribution and dampening ability. Also available in the Fuse range are the Carbon Connexion, Enduro as well as Carbon Target rods. There are a lot of Fuse stabilizers for sale here.

Fuse Axium Stabilizer

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Stokerized Stabilizers

One of the newer entrants into the stabilizer market, Stokerized Solid Aiming Solutions has developed a range of stabilizers that provide versatility for the shooter. The company understands that the needs of the archer are going to change from one shooter to the next and so the stabilizers have been created in a system of various lengths. Not only that but there are also interchangeable weights that can alter the nature of the stabilizer to give it even better performance.

Stokerized SS1 Stabilizer

KTech Stabilizers

One of the smaller names in the industry producing quality stabilizers for hunting and target shooting is KTech Designs. Although they are only a small company they have been able to develop a line of stabilizers that cater directly to the shooter's needs and, consequently, they have been in high demand. Find out more about KTech stabilizers here.

The Role of the Bow Stabilizer

Bow stabilizers are an important part of the equipment required by a compound bow shooter, particularly if the bow experiences any kind of vibration. The bow stabilizer serves two purposes and both of them result in the ability to shoot arrows more consistently. Firstly, a stabilizer will add weight to the bow, but it adds the weight off the front of the bow, offsetting the tendency for the draw to pull the bow out of alignment when attempting to aim. The extra weight of the stabilizer serves to steady the bow and hence, the shot. Secondly, the bow stabilizer gives the force of vibrations somewhere to go other than into the shooter's hand.

Compound bows are capable of generating tremendous amounts of force, a lot of which go into propelling the arrow. But there is even more force that is not directed at the arrow and this force travels around the frame of the bow looking for a place to exert itself. Without a bow stabilizer the only other object attached to the bow is the shooter and that is where the force, in the form of vibrations, will be expended. This force is what is commonly known as hand shock.

The bow stabilizer takes the brunt of the excess force and allows it to escape down its length. The result is much less shock to the hand of the shooter, plus much less noise from the bow.

There are different sized stabilizers used on different sized bows. A short framed bow doesn't require a super long stabilizer, one of the shorter ones will do the trick nicely. Generally short framed bows are used by hunters who need to cover overgrown terrain where a long bow stabilizer wound just get snagged all the time. The longer bow stabilizers are generally used for target shooting where longer framed bows are used.

The original designs for stabilizers involved a set length and weight for each model that would counteract the noise and vibration of the bow. The stabilizer would work well enough after it had been properly attached to the riser of the bow.

In more recent times there has been a more prevalent move towards tunable stabilizers that allow the shooter to adjust the setup so that the bow is perfectly tuned. There is nothing a hunter likes more than the feeling of being in control of the performance of his bow and the new breed of stabilizers such as those from KTech and Stokerized gives them that control.

Adding one of these highly adjustable stabilizers to the rig will allow the archer to fine tune their bow to further improve accuracy and performance. For this reason it is more likely that the experienced shooter is going to get the most benefit from using them.

Another very well regarded brand of stabilizers that have been made available for both the hunter and the competition shooter is B-Stinger and the range is very impressive. Find out more about the B-Stinger stabilizers here.

Buy a Limbsaver Stabilizer

There are many opportunities to find bow stabilizers for sale through these online stores. There are also other bow accessories available here at Total Compound Bows.

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