Sure-Loc Icon 400 Bow Sight

The Sure-Loc Icon 400 bow sight is claimed to be the first bow sight that will put both you and the sight in the perfect position. This target sight provides an additional feature to the other sights in the Sure Loc range which is a Turn In / Turn Out Adjustment that will adjust the angle of the scope until it is in perfect alignment with the eye. The Icon 400 is the more compact sight with a 4” vertical adjustment capability.

The sight offers all of the precision that you come to expect from the top range Sure-Loc bow sights. It is also extremely lightweight thanks to the Isogrid cut out pattern. It features Gravity Drop Technology that micro-adjusts up to 15 degrees each way to give the shooter the chance to adopt a natural hand position when shooting. This is a sight that will provide you with the type of precision that you require when it comes time to take the pressure shot. The precise scale display is equipped with an adjustable pointer for the most accurate indicator possible.

The sight is available with either a 6” or a 9” extension arm and can be bought either for left or right-handed shooters. The length of the extension arm will make a small difference in the weight of the sight – either 7.80 oz or 8.50 oz. The sight comes in a choice of either a black or silver finish.

The Icon 400 is a top of the line bow sight that provides the serious competition shooter with a superior level of adjustability. It’s extremely light weight and great precision is complemented by durability including waterproof components that will handle all types of conditions.

Browse through the Icon 400 bow sites that have been featured below to discover more of the features they provide and choose one that best suits your needs. Further down the page we have included a list of the sight features that have been highlighted by the manufacturer.

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Icon 400 Features

Visit the Sure-Loc page to find the extensive range of bow sight models on offer.

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