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Toxonics supplies a quality line-up of archery bow sights that cater for both the hunter and the target archer. The range is specific to the type of shooting you will be doing so here is the rundown of the various bow sights available in the Toxonics catalog. Take a look at the selection of Toxonics hunting sights that are available for sale below.

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Toxonics Wrangler Bow SightWrangler

Toxonics SoloTrak bow sightSoloTrak

Toxonics Target Bow SightTarget
Toxonics Cross Breed Bow SightCross Breed Toxinics Solid Lock Bow SightSolid Lock Toxonics ProslideProslide

The line of Toxonics hunting sights include: Solotrak SP series, Solotrak ST 3rd Axis series, Wrangler with Harmonic Dampener, Solid Lock Series, Pro Slide Series, Wrangler Micro, Wrangler 319. Details of each of these sights are supplied at the bottom of the page.

Solotrak ST 3rd Axis – the ST series of Solotrak sights have been designed with an integrated pinguard machined entirely of 6061 aircraft aluminum, for improved accuracy the 1st & 3rd axis leveling adjustments are engineered into the unit and preset to the extension bar at the factory. Third axis is achieved by a steel carrier that rotates around a pin pivot.

Solid Lock Series – the Solid Lock sight comprises a new type of sight frame from Toxonics made to supply greater durability and rigidity. They come with a new locking mechanism that is made from steel and it provides greater power in the gang adjustments. The mechanism uses a dovetailed plunger that is able to slides to a counter bore to lock the mating part completely. As with the other sights in the Toxonics range the Sold Lock sights use metal optic pins and reversible offset bars.

Pro Slide Series – the new adjustable sight in the line up uses a key driven Delran slide block that provides a smooth feel through the two inches of movement. The sight also comes with lock gang adjustments for both windage and elevation. The fear driven adjustment arm means that there is greater consistency in the feel regardless of whether the adjustment is large or small.

Wrangler - this is a hunting sight that has been designed with the aim being simplicity. Straight pieces of .019 fiber optic strands means there is no need for pre-bent replacement fibers. The fibers are anchored by an easy access housing through a 3/8-24 light kit hole in the sight head.

Wrangler with Harmonic Dampener – the Wrangler sight provides you with metal optic pins in either a 3-pin or 5-pin option. With a high visibility aim ring and laser engraved scales as well as a mounted light kit this is a sight that provides the best in precision. The sight now comes with the option of a Harmonic Dampener that has been manufactured by the Mathews Bow Company.

Wrangler Micro –This sight consists of the standard Wrangler sight and then adds the extra feature of the Micro Adjust for fine adjustments in the field.

Listed below are more Toxonics bow sights for sale that will not be found on their own individual pages.

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Toxonics 5 Pin Bow Sight 19
Toxonics 5 Pin Bow Sight 19
$17.87 (3 Bids)
Time Remaining: 22h 21m

$29.00 (1 Bid)
Time Remaining: 1d 3h 54m

New Compound Bow Sight Light Toxonics H 1010 Photon Light New Old Stock
New Compound Bow Sight Light Toxonics H 1010 Photon Light New Old Stock
Time Remaining: 1d 23h 44m
Buy It Now for only: $24.95

Toxonics Predator fiber optics sight system
Toxonics Predator fiber optics sight system
Time Remaining: 5d 19h 14m
Buy It Now for only: $24.00

Toxonics Compound Bow Sight
Toxonics Compound Bow Sight
Time Remaining: 6d 3h 48m

Toxonics Aluminator Bow Sight
Toxonics Aluminator Bow Sight
Time Remaining: 6d 6h 8m
Buy It Now for only: $72.00

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