Toxonics Cross Breed Bow Sight

Toxonics Cross Breed Bow Sight

The majority of bow sights available on the market provide you with pin sights that are either vertically or horizontally mounted to give you your sighting point of reference. The Toxonics Cross Breed bow sight takes this a step further by providing bow horizontal and vertical pin styles in the one sight.

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Sight Features

You can buy the Cross Breed bow sights as either a three-pin sight or a five-pin sight and both models have wrapped fiber optics with 8 inches of fiber per steel pin. These fiber optics are contained within the body of the sight to protect them and to reduce any noise from vibration.

The result of the vertical and horizontal pin configuration is a crosshairs effect for each of the 3 or 5 pins.

Visit the Toxonics page to find the extensive range of bow sight models on offer.
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