Toxonics Wrangler Bow Sight

Toxonics Wrangler Bow Sight

Featured here is the Toxonics Wrangler bow sight, a hunting sight that has been designed to provide the shooter with a straight forward piece of equipment that will perform reliably on a solid base. Take a look at the low-priced Wrangler sights displayed below and select the one to get more information on how to buy one.

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Sight Features

The Toxonics Wrangler 319 is a very straightforward piece of equipment that is designed to be as uncomplicated as possible. It uses straight pieces of polymer fibers that are not coiled or bent and they are installed in a clear housing mounted through the rear of the sight. The .019 fibers are anchored through a 3/8-24 light kit hole. The pin sights are protected by Toxonics "Metal Optic" pins that will ensure they are not able to snag or break.

The sight is available as a 3-pin or a 5-pin sight and it is also possible to buy a micro adjust sight as well as getting an optional light for both the standard Wrangler or t he Wrangler Micro Adjust. There is also a harmonic dampener feature that can be bought separately and added to the sight.

Visit the Toxonics page to find the extensive range of bow sight models on offer.

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