Trophy Ridge Judge Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge Judge

The Trophy Ridge Judge bow sight has introduced a 5-pin sight that is far quicker to sight-in because with this system you only have to sight in the first two pins and the rest are done. Reduce adjustment time in the field that you would rather be using concentrating on your prey.

Featured below is a choice of a few Trophy Ridge bow sights that are available at different prices. Browse through the range of Trophy Ridge Judge bow sights for sale below and choose one that best suits your needs.

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Sight Features

This is a technologically advanced bow sight that provides great assistance when sighting in to dramatically reduce time. If you sight-in the first two distances, say 20 yards and 30 yards, the lead screw adjustment will sight-in the remaining distances. Not only that but it will do so with complete accuracy. The knob is the Master Adjustment Knob that controls the multi-pitch lead screw and enabling this added precision.

You would much rather spend your time out in the field hunting and not fiddling with your bow sights and the Trophy Ridge Judge will allow you to do this.

Visit the Trophy Ridge page to find the extensive range of bow sight models on offer.

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