Tru-Fire Magnum Release

The Tru-Fire Magnum release has a 3-in-1 trigger design and it features an extra wide mouth and rotating barrel. The release loads and locks automatically making it very simple to use. It is a 3 finger release and is quite compact in its design which should mean that it will feel comfortable in the hand and will give you a greater feeling of control. For the range of features offered on the Magnum release take a look at the bottom of the page.

Take a look at the selection of Tru-Fire Magnum bow releases for sale below with some very reasonable prices available.

Tru-Fire Magnum Bow Releases For Sale

This product is not currently available, please check back later.

The Tru-Fire Magnum release may be adjusted with the use of a 1/16th Allen wrench. The set screw can be located under the trigger on the sliver tuning knob. By loosening the set screw by a ½ turn you will then be able to change the tension of the release. This is done by maintaining the position of the wrench while you put a slight amount of pressure on the trigger.

Other Tru-Fire bow releases to consider include the Tru-Fire Edge release, the Tru-Fire Hardcore release, Tru-Fire Stalker release, the Tru-Fire Hurricane release, the Tru-Fire Bulldog Release & the Tru-Fire Patriot release.

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