TruGlo Nitrus 6 Bow Sight

Featured here is the TruGlo Nitrus 6 bow sight, a sight that is compact in its design and features 6 pins that are lit by a violet LED light. The pins feature dual windage adjustment that makes it a simple matter of adjusting each of them with only a small effort required.

The sight also features a solid pin guard to ensure the extra long fibers are well protected. As a means of ensuring the pins are always visible the sight is fitted with a violet LED light.

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Sight Features

The Nitrus 6 bow sight is a particularly adjustable sight that aims at providing the shooter with the greatest deal of flexibility for the minimum amount of effort. The adjustments may be made just as easily by left handed shooters as for right handed shooters.

When looking for a bow sight that will provide you with highly visible pins through a generous sight window the Nitrus 6 offers the shooter plenty.

Visit the TruGlo page to find the extensive range of bow sight models on offer.


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