Viper Diamondback Fixed-Plate MicroTune Bow Sights

The Viper Diamondback Fixed-Plate MicroTune sight has been machined particularly aggressively so that the sight can be matched to the Grid Lock riser of the Mathews Z7 compound bows. In this case it is the look of the external features of the sight that is important in order to match it nicely to the bow it is attached to.

The features of the Diamondback bow sights are the same as the regular Viper bow sights. The sight features 5 Razor Edge pins that are available in a choice of three different pin sizes: .010”, .019” or .029”. The sight also features separate windage and elevation so that it is capable of more precise levelling. You will notice, too, that the sight features the Viper red level graphics.

The name of this bow sight gives away one of the aspects that Viper Archery considers to be very important and that is the ability to adjust it to a very precise degree. The sight features gang adjustments with an easy micro-tune action. So once the pins have been set to their desired positions they can be adjusted as a gang to give you precision in the windage and elevation.

Browse through the range of Viper Diamondback Fixed-Plate MicroTune bow sights for sale below, choosing one that meets both your needs and budget.

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Sight Features

• Aggressive CNC Machining to match Mathews Z7TM Bows
• 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum
• Durable lightweight construction
• Five Razor Edge Pins
• Available pin sizes .010, .019 or .029
• Separate windage and elevation for precise leveling
• Includes exclusive Viper Red Level
• Available in REALTREE AP®, REALTREE APG®, Mathews Lost™, Mathews Lost AT™, Black

This is a bow sight that is tough and durable that is also lightweight and capable of precise adjustments with a minimum of fuss. The size of the sight is compact and comes with its own built in vibration dampening device so keep it as silent as possible.

To help the hunt with achieving accurate shooting when using the sight are a few specialist features that are unique to Viper Archery bow sights. The first is a red level that can be positioned either below or above the sight pins. The second is a red alignment ring set on the pin housing that has been designed to line up inside the field of view that you can see through your peep sight at full draw. There is one more feature that many people will find significant and that is the capability of adding a Zeiss coated lens to the sight-pin housing giving outstanding clarity of view to the sight. It is possible to get Viper Zeiss lenses in 2, 3, 4 or 6 power magnification.

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