Winchester Black Horse SS Compound Bow

Winchester Black Horse SSThe Winchester Black Horse SS compound bow is a 2014 release that is designed to give a great all-around performance that is completely reliable.

The bow features the two track ARC (Advanced Rotating Cam) Cam system that was first introduced on the Vaquero. This cam has a built in module to allow for draw length adjustments to be made without the need for a bow press. The cam gives a smooth draw and great arrow speed with a solid back wall and adjustable let-off.

The brace height is a forgiving 7 inches with an IBO rating at a healthy 320 fps. At 31.25” from axle-to-axle the bow is quite compact and weighs in at only 4 lbs.

The power base of the bow comes from the T6-6061 forged aluminum riser along with the Gordon Composite split limbs. Finally, all of the hardware used on the bow is made from stainless steel, as it is on all Winchester Bows. The quality of the components means that you never have to worry about taking your bow out into poor weather conditions.

Although the bow has the look and feel of a flagship model it has been given a very reasonable MSRP of $699.00.

Browse through the selection of Black Horse SS compound bows for sale to find the new compact hunting bow that will best suit your needs. The bow has been made available in the single finish of a black riser with black carbon weave limbs.

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Bow Features :

Patent Pending Two Track Technology
Stabil-Lock limb pockets
Adjustable “Sudden Stop” string dampener
Adjustable Roller Guard
Stainless Steel Hardware
Directional Venting
1 Piece Rubber Grip

Winchester Black Horse SS Bow Specs

Draw Weights : 50-70 lbs
Draw Lengths : 27-30"
Axle to Axle : 31.25"
Brace Height : 7”
Mass Weight : 4.0 lbs
Effective Let Off : 80%
IBO Speed : 320 fps

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