Winchester Tracker Compound Bow

The Winchester Tracker compound bow is a bow that has been made with the hunter in mind, built with solid components and sold at a very reasonable price. The bow features the ARC (Advanced Rotating Cam) system that provides easy draw length adjustment and an impressive smoothness before unleashing at tremendous speed and power.

Accuracy and tuning are improved thanks to the two track cam that has been created to use the same track of the cam to perform both the cable take up and cable let out functions. This ensures everything will move together keeping the timing and synchronization in perfect tune.

Features that can also be found in other bows in the Winchester range include Stabil-Lock Limb Pockets to render the limbs completely immovable and Speedsters that, when added to the bow can provide an additional 6 – 8 fps as well as a string dampening effect. The use of stainless steel hardware is another nod to the quality of the components that comprise the Winchester bows.

The quest for power and precision at a reasonable price is part of the aim of all compound bow makers and Winchester has gone a long way towards achieving a good balance with the Tracker. It is a bow that has been designed with the hunter at the forefront of the thinking and the price that it has been made available at gives it even greater appeal.

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Bow Features :

Patent Pending Two Track Technology
Stabil-Lock limb pockets
Adjustable “Sudden Stop” string dampener
Stainless Steel hardware
Stainless Steel Stabilizer Insert
Directional Venting
Optional grips

Winchester Tracker Bow Specs

Draw Weights : 50-70 lbs
Draw Lengths : 27-30"
Axle to Axle : 31.25"
Brace Height : 7.25”
Mass Weight : 4.0 lbs
Effective Let Off : 55-80%
IBO Speed : 310 fps

What they're saying in the forums about the Winchester Tracker

I have shot the bows and they are one of the smoothest drawing bows that I have shot. Comfortable grip,well built and shock free.


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